9 Jun 2010
Expressing the inexpressible...?
It has been a while since my last blog post, and rather than look for a good long stretch of time when I can write, I will be brief (more brief than usual).  Perhaps Twitter has helped me realize that the value of a blog post is not automatically ...
14 Apr 2010
Expressing the inexpressible...?
I mistakenly attributed the quote in my previous blog post to the painter Wassily Kandinsky.  Thank you to my friend Alan Fletcher for pointing out that this was in fact said by the 19th century art critic and essayist, Walter Pater ("all art cons...
13 Apr 2010
Expressing the inexpressible...?
The painter Kandinsky said "All the arts aspire to the condition of music."  My understanding of this is that he saw music (particularly "absolute" music, i.e. music without a story attached to it, or words) as the most pure of the arts, one which...
31 Mar 2010
Expressing the inexpressible...?
(Facebook friends: please visit if you want to post a comment - thanks!) I used to teach at Brown University, where students at various levels of piano playing could take lessons for credit.  Although a small numb...
17 Dec 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
(Note to friends reading this on Facebook: I'd love to have your comments - please visit the original post, at to post a comment, rather than writing it here on Facebook).  I've got a few extra minutes to blog, from my ...
15 Dec 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
I wish I could blog more often, but I find it difficult to find the time.  It is not unusual to have more time for such non-essential activities when I am away from home, which I am now - I am in Seoul, Korea, in the middle of a week of concerts w...
30 Sep 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
Lately, I have had the pleasure of working on lots of Bach with my students.  I wish I could take credit for the fact that so many of them are working on major Bach works at the moment, but in fact it just seems to be coincidence - I try to not im...
17 Sep 2009
Aisle Be Seeing You
Composer Leon Kirchner has died at 90 years of age. Kirchner's work was performed on the Celebrity Series by at least four performers. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma performed a transcription of Duo in 1988, pianist Peter Serkin performed Interlude in 199...
5 Sep 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
We finished the recording sessions a few days ago (that is something quite different from saying "we are finished with the recording" - there is a lot of editing for the producer and engineer to do, and of course there are the various commercial a...
31 Aug 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
Today was the first of three days that violinist Stefan Jackiw and I will spend recording the 3 Brahms Sonatas. We are making the recording at SUNY Purchase (about 45 minutes outside New York City). The CD is supposed to be released first in Kor...
15 Jun 2009
Horndog - Bruce Hembd
Back from a 2-week break. Sad musicians At Expressing the inexpressible blogger Max Levinson asks, " why are orchestra musicians so very, very, very unhappy ?" As a solo pianist his perspective is an interesting read. It offers a different persp...
8 Jun 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
I am soliciting opinions on the following: how in the world is it that so many people who are involved in the classical music business are so bitter? It is hard for me to see how either playing the music of Beethoven or Mahler or being a behind-t...
3 Mar 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
Recently I was discussing with some students the fact that the word "amateur" did not always have such a negative connotation. It refers to someone who does something for love, as opposed to a "professional" who does it as, well, a profession - a...
19 Feb 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
one of the least enjoyable feelings I have had on stage is feeling like I am being "careful," in order not to do something wrong. The truth is that the kind of music I play requires quite a lot of concentration and preparation, and of course I al...
7 Jan 2009
Expressing the inexpressible...?
Lately I have had a bit of a break from professional (i.e. musical) life, and have been gratefully able to spend time with my family. I have two daughters, age 3 and 5, and they recently went crazy (in a good way) because I rented a movie for the...
6 Oct 2008
Expressing the inexpressible...?
Last night I had the honor of performing in a concert in memory of Patricia Zander, my teacher, who died this summer. (You can read some of my thoughts about her in an earlier post - just scroll down a ways). It was wonderful to see so many peop...
30 Sep 2008
Expressing the inexpressible...?
It's been a long time since I've blogged. I've been too busy somehow with playing, practicing, teaching, and family to get around to it. At the moment I'm in Dublin, and being away from home means I actually have a few more moments to myself to ...
24 Jul 2008
Expressing the inexpressible...?
Two days ago my teacher, Patricia Zander, left this world, and no doubt is brightening her new environs with her wit, charm, and insight. Yesterday I wanted to write a bit but didn't know where to begin. This evening I started to have some idea ...
23 Jul 2008
Expressing the inexpressible...?
Yesterday morning my dear teacher, Patricia Zander, died after several years of fighting cancer. I'm going to have to find a good chunk of time to summarize and share my thoughts and feelings on this blog, but for the moment I'm going to link to s...
12 Jul 2008
Bay Chamber Concerts has announced the 2008 recipient of the prestigious Andrew Wolf Chamber Music Award. The winner is Israeli pianist Inon Barnatan, who will perform in two concerts as part of Bay Chambers Concerts’ 48th Summer Music Festival. B...
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Beethoven: Concerto for Piano no 5 in E flat major, Op. 73 "Emperor"
Mendelssohn: Concerto for Piano no 1 in G minor, Op. 25
Barber: Concerto for Piano, Op. 38
Brahms: Variations (11) for Piano on an Original Theme, Op. 21 no 1
Schumann: Papillons, Op. 2
Schoenberg: Little Pieces (6) for Piano, Op. 19
Kirchner: Pieces (5)
Bartók: Out of Doors, Sz 81/BB 89
Bartók: Romanian Folkdances (6), Sz 56/BB 68
Bartók: Sonata for Piano, Sz 80/BB 88
Bartók: Rondos (3) on Slovak folktunes for Piano, Sz 84/BB 92
Bartók: Allegro barbaro for Piano, Sz 49/BB 63
Bartók: Mikrokosmos, Sz 107/BB 105: Book 6
Bartók: Dance Suite for Piano, Sz 77/BB 86
Ravel: Concerto for Piano in G major
Beethoven: Sonata for Piano no 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 27 no 2 "Moonlight"
Dvorak: Trio for Piano and Strings no 3 in F minor, Op. 65/B 130
Rachmaninov: Concerto for Piano no 2 in C minor, Op. 18

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