Boston Globe
"The questioning, conviction and feeling in his playing invariably reminds us of the deep reasons why music is important to us, why we listen to it, why we care so much about it"
Los Angeles Times
"He is an American pianist on a threshold, a versatile force at the keyboard. Extravagantly gifted and extraordinarily accomplished, Levinson can compete on the highest level of international keyboard trials. He has fingers, power, brains and intuition"
New York Times
“The pianist’s quietly eloquent conceptions, formidable technique and lovely touch left little else to be desired.”
American Record Guide
“This disc blew me out of my chair and it has taken me a long time to get back up. Hearing performance as riveting as these produces a rare frisson; this is the most brilliant and exciting Bartok piano disc I have heard. On the basis of only two recordings, Levinson has created the myth of a pianist with everything.”
Washington Post
“You can hear gasps in the audience – Max Levinson displays technical wizardry. His playing has solid, assured technique, clarity of vision and a sense of the permanent values in music that underlie surface variations.”
Los Angeles Times
“This brilliant young American pianist, musically mature and fully formed technically uses a wide spectrum of pianistic mechanics for altogether poetic ends, touching the listener deeply and often.”
New York Observer
“Levinson, the American wunderkind, is a true virtuoso – he makes every phrase, every note, say something”
Salt Lake Tribune
“The fine young pianist Max Levinson made an eloquent case for this seldom-performed concerto [Mendelssohn #1] Friday night with the Utah Symphony. Levinson's technically secure, yet light touch made the music sparkle. Most memorable was the slow movement, which Levinson turned into 7 minutes of pure magic with his impeccable phrasing and perfectly controlled pianissimos.”
Gramophone Magazine
“A new voice in the piano world, Levinson demonstrates playing of assurance and maturity, of discriminating and perceptive poetry.”
San Francisco Examiner
“One of the brightest, most intellectually fearless pianists of his generation.”
BBC Music Magazine
“Max Levinson is a master in the making. This young American offers playing of supreme sensitivity and intelligence, beauty of tone and fantasy.”
New York Newsday
“Levinson is a poet of the piano. He keeps the belligerent and tender tendencies in touch with one another, never slathering subtle shades in gaudy primary colors and always allowing the music to sound as complex and elusive as it was written to be.”
Sunday Times (London)
“Max Levinson is quite a discovery and his recordings have great bravura and intelligence.”
Boston Herald
“Levinson combines both the world class technical armory with a highly developed poetic sensibility.”
<May 2021>


Beethoven: Concerto for Piano no 5 in E flat major, Op. 73 "Emperor"
Mendelssohn: Concerto for Piano no 1 in G minor, Op. 25
Barber: Concerto for Piano, Op. 38
Brahms: Variations (11) for Piano on an Original Theme, Op. 21 no 1
Schumann: Papillons, Op. 2
Schoenberg: Little Pieces (6) for Piano, Op. 19
Kirchner: Pieces (5)
Bartók: Out of Doors, Sz 81/BB 89
Bartók: Romanian Folkdances (6), Sz 56/BB 68
Bartók: Sonata for Piano, Sz 80/BB 88
Bartók: Rondos (3) on Slovak folktunes for Piano, Sz 84/BB 92
Bartók: Allegro barbaro for Piano, Sz 49/BB 63
Bartók: Mikrokosmos, Sz 107/BB 105: Book 6
Bartók: Dance Suite for Piano, Sz 77/BB 86
Ravel: Concerto for Piano in G major
Beethoven: Sonata for Piano no 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 27 no 2 "Moonlight"
Dvorak: Trio for Piano and Strings no 3 in F minor, Op. 65/B 130
Rachmaninov: Concerto for Piano no 2 in C minor, Op. 18

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